Our official website is under construction - thanks for bearing with us!

You can help bpark to achieve its dream: completing building work on its new home, a fantastic new shul building designed for our thriving community.

We're running a crowdfunding campaign to raise the £700,000 we urgently need to finish this project - something that will help to future-proof our community as we continue to grow in size and dynamism.

The project began more than 10 years ago when we first dreamed up our ambitious plan to rebuild our shul. Since then, we've raised £6m thanks to the exceptional generosity of our community and friends - thanks to everybody who has supported us so far.

We're so nearly there - and we need your help now to cross the finish line.


Work on our new building began in 2017 and was due to complete last summer. However, successive lockdowns delayed progress and raised costs of the building project, as we found ourselves having to pay for temporary accommodation for longer than expected as well as for building works.

Our community is welcoming, led by the effusive Rabbi Baruch and Rebbetzen Kezi Levin and supported by scores of active volunteer members. Through hard work and collective ruach, we elevate the lives of our 350 member families of all ages. Please help us to continue learning, loving and living a vibrant Judaism, together in our fantastic new building, by donating today.

Your donations will be doubled by match funding pound for pound by a group of generous supporters.

Match funding will drive our campaign faster towards its successful target, with each donation being matched pound for pound by a group of generous donors. Whatever you can afford to donate, you'll do so knowing that it will be doubled in size to drive us towards our target.

Perhaps you have friends or family who are part of BPark's lively community. Maybe you know the community from its original heydey in the 1960s. Or perhaps you're keen to support thriving Jewish life. Whatever your reasons for giving, we appreciate your generosity, and we thank you for your support.

After three years of being nomads, we can't wait to get into our new home!

Our fundraising campaign runs for 36 hours from 18 April 10am -19 April 10pm. To donate, visit the bpark campaign.

For more information or any queries please contact admin@bpark.org