At Brondesbury Park, we are conscious that all too often out of sight can mean out of mind, resulting in members of the community both elderly and young feeling isolated and unloved by the community at times when they most are most in need of some TLC.
Brondesbury Park Welfare

Generation link programme

Brondesbury Park’s ‘generation link programme’ is designed to ensure that contact is maintained with elderly and vulnerable members of the community, both by phone and through regular home visits.  In addition, volunteers also deliver weekly Shabbat packages containing challah, wine and cake to some twenty recipients each Thursday evening as well as pre festive packages for Rosh Hashana, Pesach and Purim. Ruth Keller, our dedicated welfare co-ordinator heads up our welfare team and can be contacted via the Synagogue office.

Dinner for new mums programme

Brondesbury Park Welfare offers new mums a full weeks supply of delicious home cooked dinners following the birth of a baby.  Just when you need a square meal but least feel like cooking one… you can count on us! The week can be of your choosing, either immediately after birth or some time later.

If you know of anyone who you think might benefit from the generation link programme or the dinner for new mums programme, or wish to volunteer for either please email admin@bpark.org

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