Brondesbury Park runs a full range of services on Shabbat and Festivals as well as  Shacharit service at 8.15am on a Sunday morning and 7.00am on Monday and Thursday mornings.

During the winter time, Friday evening services coincide with the time of Shabbat whilst during the summer time services are at 7pm then progressing to 7.30pm in the height of the summer.

The Shabbat and Festival morning service starts at 9.15am with children’s services following at 11am.  The service is followed by a Kiddush.

A Kiddush is lovely way of marking a special occasion such as a birthday, happy event or commemoration for a loved one.  Please email to find out more about sponsoring a Kiddush.

Mincha on Shabbat afternoon is held approximately one and a quarter hours before Shabbat ends and on a Festival approximately one hour before the end of Yom Tov.

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