Having Problems Registering?

If you have not been sent an email….

Please register the normal way through the front of the site by clicking on the word “Register” in the top right of the home page. Please indicate if you are a synagogue member and an officer will verify your identity in due course.
Please be patient.

Many thanks

If you have been sent an email… with a user name and password and are having problems registering please check the following:

1. Are you logging in first at the forum section?

The forum section looks like this and can be found by clicking here (or on the word “forum” in the top right of the site menu)




2. Enter your user name and password exactly as it was sent to you. Pay attention to UPPERCASE and lowercase letters please!

3. Once logged in at the forum then click on the link “Back to the main Site” or just go to www.bpark.org . The site will realise you are still logged in. (Don’t wait too long or you will automaticall be logged out).

4. Feel free to immediately change your password to something more memorable by visiting your user control panel by clicking on your user name at the top right of the page or by clicking on the link “Edit my Profile” at the top right of the main site (not the forum)

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