With too many adults telling too many stories about spending too much time on the wrong side of the classroom door at Cheder, Brondesbury Park has always been determined to run a different kind of Cheder.

Instead of holding its classes on a Sunday morning, Brondesbury Park’s Cheder runs its classes after school on a Monday afternoon between 4.30-5.45pm.  Children are dropped off at Cheder from school and enjoy nutritious refreshments before commencing their session.

The Cheder curriculum aims to provide each child with a comprehensive and well grounded basic Jewish knowledge, taught using stimulating and highly creative methods.  Our teachers are carefully selected based not only on their experience but more so on their ability to connect to their students and bring the subject matter to life using fun and novel approaches.

The Cheder also offers a Bar and Bat Mitsvah programme which is tailored to the needs of our oldest students in helping them prepare for their big day.

In addition, the weekly Cheder sessions are complimented by our weekly children’s services on a Shabbat morning.

Highlights in the Cheder calendar year include the annual Cheder Shabbaton, twice yearly visits to Kay Court (a local residential home) and the Saturday night live Havdalah service.

For more information about the Cheder or to request a prospectus, please email

The Brondesbury Park Cheder is always on the lookout for new talent.  If you would like more information about joining the Cheder staff team, please email

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