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For those who haven’t had the opportunity, a visit to a Shmura matzah bakery is a must and adds a different flavour to the Pesach experience! Lines of women and men armed with rolling pins work their dough with ferocious speed and efficiency forming a perfect wafer think pancake and placing it on a long skewer to be handed to the baker; a skilled operative charged with the task of inserting the dough into the 900 degree brick oven and more importantly, removing it in the nick of time so as to ensure it doesn’t burn.

But above the din the refrain ‘Lshem Mitzvot Matzah’ can be heard, as each of the busy bakers declares that the purpose of it all is for the sake of fulfilling this special mitzvah.  I love this little phrase.  It is so simple yet so powerful and captures the essence of what it means to do a mitzvah; to be fully committed, fully connected using a rolling pin and a piece of dough to construct a portal for G-d to enter our hearts and our lives.  Happy crunching and Chag Kasher V’sameach!


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  • 3 March 2014 : Purim at Brondesbury Park
    Purim at Brondesbury Park Pizza and beer Please join us for our annual Pizza and Beer bash following the megillah on Saturday night 15th March. Live music and great Purim spirit all [More...]

  • 16 January 2014 : Moroccan Mystery Evening
    A Mysterious Night in Morocco…     What: A Moroccan-style soirée of food and brain-teasing entertainment with a killer twist When: Sunday 9th February 2014, 8pm Where: BPark shul Bring: Your powers of deduction Keep: Your wits [More...]

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