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Hello and welcome to the Brondesbury Park online community.  Hello and welcome to the Brondesbury Park online community. Both Purim and Pesach celebrate stories of oppression followed by survival and even the renewed flourishing of the Jewish nation. However, the redemption of Purim and the redemption of Pesach could not be more different.  On Purim, there were no overt miracles.  The central roles were played by Mordechai and Esther with G-d’s role so concealed that His Name is nowhere to be found in the Megillah. On Pesach the exact opposite would appear to be true.  G-d actively intervened to change the course of history.

Purim teaches us the importance of human action as a catalyst for Divine intervention. Pesach reminds us that even in the face of human impotence, redemption is possible through Divine intervention.

Wishing you a joyous Purim and a liberated Pesach!


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  • 3 March 2014 : Purim at Brondesbury Park
    Purim at Brondesbury Park Pizza and beer Please join us for our annual Pizza and Beer bash following the megillah on Saturday night 15th March. Live music and great Purim spirit all [More...]

  • 16 January 2014 : Moroccan Mystery Evening
    A Mysterious Night in Morocco…     What: A Moroccan-style soirée of food and brain-teasing entertainment with a killer twist When: Sunday 9th February 2014, 8pm Where: BPark shul Bring: Your powers of deduction Keep: Your wits [More...]

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